Justified By His Grace

Earlier this week I had a situation stir within me emotions that I wouldn’t have expected and hadn’t felt before. This situation wasn’t dire. It wasn’t life changing. No one died. I didn’t lose my job. I wasn’t struck with a diagnosis of cancer.

It was a rather medium size trial and similar to ones you and I encounter on a weekly or monthly basis. However, this time the trial led to a sinful type of emotion within my heart that I wasn’t expecting. I chose not to accept this trial with joy, knowing that it was working something good within me from the Father. I did not see the this slight momentary affliction working within me an eternal weight of glory that is beyond comparison. I failed to look to many promises that God had given me in his Word in that moment and trust them.
Rather, I chose to be mad at God and question him. This situation seemed so cruel, so pointless and so frustrating. Why would you do this, God? My feelings of anger towards God led to feelings of guilt for having the feelings of anger. I wanted in that moment not to be mad at God but I chose to do what I didn’t want to do. I chose to sit in my anger at God. It felt good in a sick and foolish way.
Now, here I am this morning. What right do I have to stand before a holy God and lift my heart in worship to him with you this morning? My silly, small heart questioned the very plans of a sovereign, holy God this week!
Titus 3:7 says what right I have to do come before God and worship him. “Being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” God’s goodness and loving kindness appeared in my life through God’s mercy by the Holy Spirit in the work of Jesus Christ at the cross. I am now justified by the grace purchased for me by Jesus. It was not by my works of righteousness, it was by Jesus’ perfect work of righteousness. I am now an heir of eternal life.
That is why I can stand with you after this exhortation and lift my heart in worship to Jesus. That is why you can join me in a few minutes. The gospel is trustworthy and excellent and profitable for you to bank your life on and cling to with all joy this morning, and I’ll insist on it until my dying breath.


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