Cast Your Burdens

Psalm 55:22

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

We come before God this morning and experiencing his mercy and grace not because of a righteousness of our own making. When we read here that the righteous will not be moved, the righteousness that keeps us from not moving in the face of Satan’s accusations is that of the perfect, complete and eternal work of Jesus Christ. So come this morning and feast at the table of forgiveness by casting your burden on the on the LORD for he will sustain you.

We have a Father this morning that beckons for us to come to him as his children because of this work done by our elder brother, Jesus Christ. Because of the gospel we can come before him despite our…

  • Lust-filled choices,
  • pride-centered works,
  • gossip-motivated tongue,
  • confusion-causing circumstances,
  • weak and broken heart,
  • anger-producing hearts,
  • quickly irritable hearts,
  • lazy, self-centered hearts,
  • and selfish producing hearts.

And the list goes on. Come to this table of fellowship this morning with your brothers and sisters in Christ and cast your burdens, cast your sins, on the one who caught them all, killed them all, and paid the price for them all. Come and take full joy in our Abba Father this morning.


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Above all I am a Christian Hedonist pursuing my ultimate satisfaction and joy in God. This blog contains postings about what God is teaching me through his Word, is an outlet for some of my photography, and will occasionally include stories about my experiences as a deputy sheriff on patrol. View all posts by justicetheline

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