Mother’s Day Exhortation

Each Sunday our church incorporates an exhortation into the worship service. It is a way to remind us of how we are acceptable to God only through Jesus’ work and not of our own. It is a reminder of the gospel. This was my exhortation this morning for Mother’s Day.

The exhortation this morning will rightly and appropriately be centered on Mother’s Day. What has now become know as Mother’s Day started in 1908 when a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis held a service to recognize her mother. Anna’s mother, Ann, had cared for wounded soldiers in the Civil War and had organized efforts to address public health issues in her day. Anna’s mission to have a formal recognition for mothers was brought to fruition in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation stating the second Sunday in May would be Mother’s Day.

Since then cards and flowers and gifts have marked this day. Yet we can look back farther than 1914 and see what God revealed to us about mothers in Psalm 139. God describes how he fashions or brings about humans. He forms, he knits in a mother’s womb, and he intricately weaves. All of us are to be in awe and wonder and praise at this. God has chosen mother’s to incubate and bring into the world that which is to image himself. We are created in the image of God and have been carefully made by him in our mother’s wombs.

So mother’s, on this day, whether you are weary with raising little ones or are older, empty-nesters with children no longer; God has used you to bring about his greatest creation for we are all image-bearers of a great and glorious God. God used a mother as the means by which he was to enter the world and take on human flesh. Jesus became a fetus, sat in amniotic fluid for 9 months, passed through a birth canal, and was born into the world to rescue a people from their sin. It is this amazing reality that brought about the truth of the gospel. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and grew in the womb of a woman, lived a perfect life, and died for the sins of his mother and the sins of those who would believe on his name.

It is this gospel that brings hope to mothers in their mothering. Yet not only moms.It is the hope for women who want children but are not able to. It is the hope for women who have had abortions and feel the guilt of their decision. It is for women who have children who have walked away from the faith and pray for their souls each day. It is for women who have have lost children in death and are crushed under the pain of it. It is for women who have adopted children. It is for those who have experienced abuse at the hand of their mothers and this day is filled with painful memories. It is for those who are foster parents and experience the simultaneous joy and pain of seeing children come in and out of their home. It is for those raising children that are disabled and life isn’t happening the way it was planned. The gospel has implications for every situation in every woman that is here this morning.

There is joyfulness and sorrow that coincide on Mother’s Day. No matter where you are this morning look to Jesus for forgiveness of sin, for hope in salvation, for healing from pain, for endurance in suffering, and for joy in a hope everlasting. For it was this Jesus that entered the world through a mother and rescued all of us from our sins. Ann Jarvis brought care to wounded soldiers in their sufferings. Jesus brought a rescue plan for all of us and is leading us into a joy that is unspeakable. Hope in him.


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One response to “Mother’s Day Exhortation

  • Gerri

    Thanks for posting this! I was gonna ask you if I could get a copy of it and then someone mentioned that it might be here. I appreciate the encouragement.

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