The Glory of God and The World Series

The exhortation for church tomorrow morning.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. I Corinthians 10:31

If you spent this week meditating on this Fighter Verse, did you ever consider what the word “glory” means? How would you describe it?

Thirty major league baseball teams began their spring training back in mid-February, with all having a singular goal. Their goal as individuals and as a team was to reach the World Series by the middle of October. Only the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals were successful in attaining that goal.

Last Thursday night my family sat down on the couch to watch the glory of it all. From the FOX channel’s pomp and circumstance, to the violent performance by US Marine Sgt. Dan Clark as he sang “God Bless America”, to the perfectly manicured field with the motto “Boston Strong” etched in center field, to the potential grand slam that Carlos Beltran stole from Big Papi, to the eventual route by the Red Sox as they embarrassed the Cardinals by the eighth inning. The World Series is the pinnacle glory of major league baseball. It puts the charm and grandeur of baseball on display.

That is what glory is. It is a display of beauty of something and that is what we are meant to do as Christians. We are to display the glory of God in all that we do.

Paul uses eating and drinking as examples. These are two of the most humdrum and often repeated activities you do throughout the course of your life. This shows us the breadth and depth of which the Christian life is to be influenced by God. We are not meant to attribute glory to God only on Sunday mornings or only on Discipleship Group nights or only at prayer before dinner. We are meant to attribute glory to God with every bite of food and every sip of water. We are to attribute glory to God with every diaper change, every commute to work, every check of Facebook, every read email, every child’s butt that is spanked, every word that is said and every thought that is entertained in our mind.

A tall order. An impossible order. Paul says in Romans 3:23 that we all have fallen shorty of making God look like the treasure he really is. This is what sin is and we fail to do it everyday.

The good news is that we have a man who put God on display as glorious every second of his life. With each chest rise and every beat of the heart; with each bite of food and every sip of water; with every word spoked and every thought entertained, Jesus made God look brilliantly glorious.

The good news is this Grace Church- We can bask underneath the full and complete work of Jesus Christ. It is by grace, through faith, that we have forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with our great God. We no longer stand under the wrath of this glorious God but under his efficacious love.

One of the biggest ways you can give glory to God each day is by having a heart that is thankful in him. We can rejoice and share in Christ’s sufferings because a day is coming when all of God’s glory will be revealed completely and fully in the new heaven and new earth (I Peter 4:13).


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