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One-To-One by David Helm

What David Helm means by one-to-one is reading a part of the Bible with someone on a regular basis and discussing it. This type of discipleship is needed when churches are chock full of programs that they try to plug people into. Programs are fine, but Helm argues that we are missing something dynamic. He says that we are missing out on the straight forward power of gospel growth by reading the Bible one-to-one. We can’t rely on a program to do that fully.

He gives four benefits to do this which allow for it to be done with non-believers, new believers or mature believers. It could be used for salvation, sanctification, training and relationship building. This type of structure allows for flexibility in meeting with someone and doesn’t rely on a large structure for it to happen.

The examples Helm gives as to why one-to-one is beneficial to growth rather than a program are persuasive. He shows from Scripture how the Word is shown to be the source for salvation and growth. Jesus gave us an example of this as he chose 12 disciples and focused on three of them. He also gives an example of how he did one-to-one with a friend for a year which led to his salvation.

There are two things I appreciated most about Helm’s book. The first is brevity. A book on this type of topic doesn’t need to be long. Helm hits on the important points of why this is needed, who can do it and who it is designed for. The whole book encourages and moves the reader towards carrying out what he is arguing for.

The second appreciation I have for the book is the blue print that Helm lays out for starting a one-to-one. The first part addresses the what, why and how, which lays the foundation for doing one-to-one. The second part builds on that foundation by helping the reader construct a framework for meeting with someone. He gives two simple ways to read the Bible with someone and what parts of the Bible would be most helpful for different kinds of people. The instructions are to the point, practical, and don’t get the reader lost in complication.

With the enormous weight of seminars, conferences, DVD’s, books and sermons that are available in America, having a book like this attest to the simple power of reading the Bible with someone else is needed. It can lift us beyond the blinding maze of being in the forest and help see above the tree tops.

I wonder how my church would change if half of our people committed to do this with someone else? It would be helpful to have a chapter in the book in which Helm would address how to help a church catch the vision for doing something like this. Yet even a cursory reading can give ideas for doing so. Apart from that, I found this book needed, challenging to my soul and very helpful.


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