Reading as of late











Lit!  by Tony Reinke is superb. The first half of the book is a theology on reading and his insights into literature and the Bible are outstanding. The last half of the book is a practical and helpful guide on how to discern what to read and how to read. The book lends itself as useful to both the accomplished and voracious reader and the tepid, apathetic reader who wants to develop his reading prowess.












The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Witmer breaks down the four responsibilities that a man has to his family. He is to know, feed, lead and protect his family as the pastor and leader of it. It is a short, practical, easy to read book on the subject.












Kill Shot by Vince Flynn is the second in a prequel to his character, Mitch Rapp. I devoured it in about two weeks.












The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler is a book born out his life experiences. We just finished this in the small group that I lead and I found it quite helpful in articulating and understanding the gospel. It is especially helpful in sharing what the gospel clearly is with people who have had just enough of Jesus to know they don’t want all of him. The last chapter, Moralism and the Cross, is a practical guide to the components of grace-driven effort and helps us understand how free grace and striving for godliness work together.












Good Cops by David Harris lays out the case for why agencies should be driven by preventative policing. He argues that cops should implement intentional strategies which move away from reacting to crime and instead prevent it. The book has large portions of dry statistics backing up his claims peppered with interesting stories from agencies around the country.












Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll hits a theme that is often missing in marriage books- friendship. The first three chapters of the book bring out the vital need for spouses to be best friends and uses the example or Martin and Katharina Luther as a helpful example. The book lags in some areas, specifically  statistics that go on and on to support their claims. Their interpretation on some verses in the Song of Solomon are thin, but the last chapter is helpful in the nitty gritty planning of life (Reverse Engineering Your Marriage).


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