A Conveyor Belt of Infant Corpses (Thoughts on Psalm 58)

Break the teeth in their mouths. Tear our the fangs of the young lion. Let them be like the snail that dissolves into slime. He will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked.

These are excerpts from Psalm 58 which is a prayer against injustice and oppression. I read this during my morning devotions and was hit between the eye balls with the intensity of the wording. Why had this chapter not stood out to me before?

David was praying with an intensity that I want my prayer life to be filled with. After reading this chapter I fell on my knees and prayed over the atrocity of abortion in this nation with a passion that I had not before in my life! A systematic killing of thousands of children happen in our nation and I so often am not hit with the weight of that fact. It is a conveyor belt of infant corpses and I choose to be oblivious to it. O God let it stop.

There is a God who judges on earth. This judge will reward the righteous and may I be the righteous man who prays with a matched intensity that I see in this Psalm. May my rut-filled prayers be shaken by the living Word of God and shoot me with a spiritual vigor of the Holy Spirit to not lose this zeal to pray against injustice and oppression.


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