I really enjoy taking passages from my devotions each day and summarizing them into one or two sentences. God’s Word is a powerful, two-edged sword that cuts, and this is one way the sword swings for me.

From geographical boundaries to time zones to the expanses of the universe, God’s fame knows no boundaries. And still he shows care for us (Psalm 8:1,3-4).

The blood of of the innocent flows each day and there is an Avenger who will not soon forget their afflictions. His courtroom is just. (Psalm 9:7,12)

The character of God is righteous (just), therefore he loves righteous deeds. The righteous are in his presence and experience his favor. (Psalm 11:7)

“and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from that God DEPENDS on faith.” (Philippians 3:9)

Bacon. Coffee. Lunch with a friend and neighbor. Gospel conversation. What a great concoction.

The supreme and fullest joy we can ever experience is in Jesus Christ, so abide in his Word this year.

Believing in Jesus has crazy perks/ So I guess you can say we’ve been saved by works/ His. Shai Linne

Only the fool says God does not exist. All humans have a heart of evil. Salvation alone comes from God (Psalm 14).

Psalm 15 is a psalm of stability. “He who does these things shall never be moved.”

“The conversion of a sinner is the translation of a soul into the kingdom of Christ out of the kingdom of the devil. The power of sin is shaken off, and the power of Christ submitted to.” Matthew Henry on Colossians 1:13

The path of life. Fullness of joy. Pleasures forevermore. This is the Christian’s inheritance in God. (Psalm 16). Set him before you today.

God delights in his children,rescuing them from distress, destruction and death. He is a rock, a shield, salvation, a stronghold, our strength and worthy to be praised! (Psalm 18)

‎”Judge not”, yet “take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:1,5) Simplistic, selective thinking leads to error.

Observe the way His word creates/Preserves and shapes, determines fates/ Reverberates at urgent rates/ The earth it shakes with fervent quakes/ Shai Linne

“Why is it that offspring in the womb are any less human? It doesn’t speak yet? Neither do deaf/ mutes. It doesn’t have arms and legs? Well, other people lose arms and legs in the course of their lives without losing anything necessary to their standing as human beings.” Hadley Arkes

Men: “Stop looking for the path of least resistance and start running down the path of greatest glory to God and good to others because that is what Jesus, the real Man, did.” Real Marriage/ Mark Driscoll

God’s Word is perfect, sure, right, pure, true. Desire it more than money. Savor it more than food. (Psalm 19)

God answers in trouble, sends help and support, remembers sacrifice, grants desires, fulfills plans, fulfills prayer requests. His anointed shout for joy. (Psalm 20)

Minnesotans feel this today. “He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs; who can stand before his cold?”Psalm 147:17

Psalm 21: note the kindness and severity of God. Our response? Worship (vs. 13).A sober joyfulness today as Grace Church voted on me as an elder. Joy in shepherding, sobering in accountability to God for their care.”The angel (King) who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the boys.” (Genesis 48:16) A model blessing for fathers to pray over their sons.


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Above all I am a Christian Hedonist pursuing my ultimate satisfaction and joy in God. This blog contains postings about what God is teaching me through his Word, is an outlet for some of my photography, and will occasionally include stories about my experiences as a deputy sheriff on patrol. View all posts by justicetheline

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