Police Policing The Police

A call of a suspicious person at a gas station resulted in an identification check, which resulted in me finding out he had a warrant, which resulted in him getting a free trip to jail. On the way, we got into a philosophical discussion about the Bill of Rights.

“Have you read the Bill of Rights?”, he asked.


“Well it says that we need to overthrow our government.”

“It does not say that anywhere in the Bill of Rights.”

“Well that is my interpretation of it. When the police are policing the police the people should overthrow their government.”

The discussion continued to devolve in logic from there. He told me that driving a vehicle was just as much of a right as walking down the road and that the government had no business regulating motor vehicles. The conversation ended in an exasperated tone. “Every time I go for a walk I always seem to get arrested. When I drive too.”


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Above all I am a Christian Hedonist pursuing my ultimate satisfaction and joy in God. This blog contains postings about what God is teaching me through his Word, is an outlet for some of my photography, and will occasionally include stories about my experiences as a deputy sheriff on patrol. View all posts by justicetheline

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