Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech

Ron Paul gave a 48 minute farewell speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. I can’t help but wonder what may have happened in a match up between him and President Obama. He may be the template of what the Republicans need to gravitate towards in the coming years. Some of his comments raised my eyebrows and I can’t say that I whole-heartedly agree with them, yet they are things no one else is talking about and are worth beginning a conversation on.

What I respect about this guy is that he has remained steadfast over the years. He has given thought to his positions and I trust him. I never had that notion with Governor Romney and certainly not with President Obama. To me he appears as the John Piper of politics- an old guy with grey hair who is articulate and passionate and frail looking and full of wisdom. Here are some snapshots from his speech.

  • Our nations problems can begin to be solved simply by following the restraints we have in the Constitution.
  • The Republicans need to be willing to cut military spending and the Democrats need to be willing to cut welfare.
  • The appetite for liberty has been quite weak but has a grassroots movement among young people.
  • The rule of the market will extract its pound of flesh and the result will not be pretty.
  • We don’t need more “isms” we need more liberty.
  • We need to have more trust in ourselves then in the government.
  • The immoral use of force is the source of our political problems.
  • “Why is it morally okay for someone with a badge to go into a house to tell someone what they can smoke, eat or drink?”
  • Sacrificing a little liberty for more security is never good.
  • The financial crisis is a moral crisis.
  • Free society depends on a virtuous, moral people.
  • We have fictitious wealth eft over from another time.
  • The internet and homeschool culture will lead a revolutionary movement.

He closed with a list of dangers that he sees are looking America straight in the eyes.

  1. Continuos attacks on civil liberty.
  2. Violence through undeclared wars that creates anti-Americanism.
  3. The ease in which we go to war.
  4. Excessive debt.

He closed by saying that liberty and peace are achieved through love, compassion, tolerance and free markets. Envy and intolerance are the undying enemies of it.


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