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Bud Light brews terrrible beer but crafts good tag lines. “Here we go” is the one splattered over their commercials right now and it is the phrase in my mind. Here we go. What are we getting into? This is kind of crazy but at the same time quite thrilling.

Johanna completed and mailed in the application last week with Crossroads Adoption services. After much research on her part, we decided to go with a local agency. They are beginning a program in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country we have been drawn to adopt in from the very beginning. Africans are the least likely ethnicity to be adopted and 1 in 5 children die before they are 8 years old. The need is great and we have wanted to go where the need is.

Crossroads does not have an established program in the DRC though, which means we will be their pilot family. After meeting with them they thought we would be a good fit for this. It will require flexibility and patience since it is a new program and the adoption road could be up to a 2 year journey.

Tomorrow our church is having three families share about their adoption connections. One family who adopted two children many years ago, another family who has adopted recently, and our family which is just beginning adoption. I am going to try to explain what has motivated our desire to adopt. Johanna and I have come up with three reasons:

  1. For God’s glory. Romans 8:15 clearly proclaims that God has adopted his children into his family, and because of that we can cry Abba Father. I pray that our adoption is a visible picture pointing towards the adoption that we have in God. We have as much to do with our salvation as a little boy or girl has to do with their own adoption. We did not choose God but God has chosen us and it is by grace that we are saved. These are enormously glorious truths that I am blown away by.
  2. We want to be obedient to the command of James 1:27 to take care of the orphans and widows. That doesn’t mean every Christian should adopt (for us it does) but it means every Christian should be involved in some type of orphan care (physically, financially, prayerfully, etc.). We are motivated by a desire to provide a family and a home for a child that does not have one.
  3. Adoption is missions. Psalm 67 proclaims a need for all peoples to be glad in God. Not only do we want to provide a home and family for an orphan but we want to have a life long commitment to speak the gospel into a child’s life from a different ethnicity.

Please pray for us. I think this will be a tough road ahead but Jesus is the good life and if we have him we have enough.


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