Eighteen Quotes

Here are 18 of my favorite quotes from the seminar I went to hosted by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

  1. “It is not our job to shoot down the plane. It is our job to put a chunk of steel in your hand and kill the sons of b/ that go into our schools to kill others.”
  2. “The worst words you can say are, “It will never happen hear.” If you think it won’t happen in your sleepy little town you’re in denial. We need steely determination.”
  3. “As we love our kids and our way of life we prepare for violence.”
  4. The ultimate achievement is the crime that didn’t happen.”
  5. “One man behind cover with effective fire power within the first 5 minutes is worth a thousand 2 hours later.”
  6. “If the bastards come to my town we measure response time by feet per second.”
  7. “Cops are manning the ramparts of society.”
  8. “Believe in who you are and what you do.”
  9. “The world is a better place with your cuffs on bad men.”
  10. “Go forth, administer justice and do good in the land.”
  11. “Every evil act inflicted upon me by the enemy renewed my faith that we were on the right side.”
  12. “You have accepted responsibility for human lives. You must invest yourselves in the profession of arms.”
  13. “Spend a lifetime preparing for one day. Can you do that? Can you walk the walk and talk the talk for a lifetime.”
  14. “Convince yourself that help will help.”
  15. “You will not rise to the challenge; you will sink to the level of training. Go get a big helping of stress inoculation.”
  16. “We will stop the threat and we will save lives with multiple doses of high velocity lead.”
  17. “Dedicate your mind, body and spirit to the profession of arms. It is a heroes calling.”
  18. “Pain shared is pain divided, joy shared is joy multiplied.”

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