Fearless is Gut-Wrenching and Awe-Inspiring

Books about Navy SEALs are being published more frequently as stories of their heroism and elite skill make their way from the battle field to the home front. What makes Fearless stand out among them is an almost unbelievable story written in an unconventional way. This is more than a story about a Navy SEAL. It is a story about a son, a husband, a father and friend, but above all else it is a story about a guy who loved Jesus.

The book does not start out with Adam Brown’s experiences in the rigors of BUD/S training as most SEAL books do. As on SEAL told the author, “Don’t start out with BUD/S in the book. That is so cliché.” Eric Blehm takes the story back to the beginning of Brown’s life in Arkansas. Brown gave himself over to drug addiction and a life of utter waste. The power of the gospel to change a man and a family is gripping to see unfold.

Much of the book is about Brown’s attempts to overcome one obstacle after another. His internal drive was incredible. As I was reading the book I knew how the story was going to end but found myself wishing it wouldn’t be so. The book continues to focus on Brown and his personal life, meeting his girlfriend who became his wife, building a family and the tight camaraderie within the SEAL community.

A protracted description of an operation that Brown fought in is not given until the end of the book. This makes the book different but also compelled me to turn page after page. Blehm’s writing and style aids the reader and the last 20 pages are gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring. Adam Brown was an incredible man. His family is amazing. The Navy SEALs are warriors. And Jesus saves sinners. This book is a testimony to these realities.


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