Dash Cam of a Cop Killer

As Deputy Diaz was putting on his ballistic vest, duty belt and uniform on June 15, 2008 I wonder if he thought about what the night may have in store for him. It would be the last time this Yolo County Sheriff’s Deputy would work a shift as a peace officer in the state of California. By the end of the night he had taken rounds from an AR-15 at the end of a pursuit.

Yolo County is mostly a rural agriculture region with a residency of 200,000. Deputy Diaz had located a vehicle that had been involved in a drive-by shooting and as he tried to stop it, the driver fled. During the pursuit the suspect had his two year old daughter in the vehicle; a shocking factor that showed the utter depravity of this person. The squad dash cam video was just released after the suspect was sentenced to death for killing Diaz. It is a chilling and sobering reminder that danger can be lurking at any moment.

This video is from the local news station which gives the full background of the pursuit and shooting that happened afterwards. Deputy Diaz’s backup took 12 minutes to arrive. It sheds light to the little known risk that rural cops face in the areas they work.


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