The Life of a Church

How crucial is it for Christians to be a part of a church body. Critical. This past week our church went through some tough times as Grandparents went through the death of 6 month premature grandsons. During that time another family went through complications their 3 year old daughter was experiencing as a result of open heart surgery.

The loss of twin grandsons was one of the most painful things I have witnessed in my life. A couple in our church were surprised and excited when they found out that they were to be the grandparents of twin boys. Then without warning their daughter went into labor three months premature. The boys survived for just a couple days as heaven and earth were nearly moved to keep them alive.

I saw John, the grandfather, lift up Christ in a beautiful way through his life and testimony last week. He thanked God for the hours he had with them instead of cursing God for the years that were taken away. That is glorious. I saw the gospel preached at the funeral in a truthful, compassionate way as many unbelievers came to our church who otherwise would have never entered that doorway. I saw tears, pain, and a church body weep with and love this family.

Why would a Christian miss out on the blessing of being a part of a church? With all of its faults, failures and messed up people a church brings amazing blessing in a way that cannot be replaced in any other way. My thankfulness and deep admiration for my pastor was vaulted this week as he was stretched and stressed with these two difficult situations. Some people remark to me that I have a stressful job. Not really. I’ve got nothing on the life of a pastor.


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One response to “The Life of a Church

  • Kim

    Kyle: this made me cry (again). It seems I have been having a lot of problems with that lately….and your right! John and I are very thankful that we had the time that we did with those little guys! Yep, sometimes I feel cheated on missing out on the years, but I am ever so thankful for the time that we did have. I was happy to be there for their birth and their passing to be with the Lord. I am thankful that I got to touch their little hands and heads when they were alive and finally got to hold them close and kiss them when they passed away. I am happy that my daughter Jessica got to hold them as they were taking their last breaths. I know that they are in a way better place and aren’t in pain. I would love to have them with me, but it wasn’t meant to be. The nurses and doctors did all they could to save them, but God had other plans. He needed to have 2 super adorable little guys.

    Thank you for all you have done for us! We really do appreciate it!

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