Jack Turns 2

Last year at this time I was exhausted because of a lack of sleep. Johanna was more exhausted from a long labor. We were both ecstatic because of the 2:45 AM entrance of Jackson Keith Puelston into our world. Since that time I have found that being a father to my son has been one of the greatest joys in life that I will ever experience. His goofiness, his jabbering, his readiness to help me, his counting numbers, and a host of other things are incredible to watch. The tantrums and whining I could do without but that is a work in progress.

As much as we discipline, instruct and train Jack, he has taught me an important lesson as well. I have become so much more aware of my relationship to my heavenly Father because of my fatherly relationship with Jack. He has trust every day that we will feed him and take care of him. He will jump from a top step knowing that I will catch him. His silliness reminds me how often I must look silly before God with what I get excited about. I love Jack unconditionally and that love has deepened my understanding and embrace of God’s unending love for me. I am his child. Jack is my child. Thank you Father for this gift of life you have bestowed on us.


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Above all I am a Christian Hedonist pursuing my ultimate satisfaction and joy in God. This blog contains postings about what God is teaching me through his Word, is an outlet for some of my photography, and will occasionally include stories about my experiences as a deputy sheriff on patrol. View all posts by justicetheline

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