Five Years

May 31 of this year was my 5th anniversary of being a peace officer in the state of Minnesota. Those last five years have all been spent with the same agency. In one sense five years ago seems like an eternity ago, while in another sense it seems like a mere few weeks that have past. I have become a very different person (for the good I believe) from that 23 year old that had that badge pinned on him for the first time.

Field Training was one of the most stressful things I ever went through. I lost over 10 pounds during the two months of training. I finished most shifts with a headache and was exhausted mentally. Yet, my gratefulness is profound because I had field training officers who took their jobs seriously and invested time, energy and sanity into working through my mistakes and molding me into a proficient cop.

My mind had to learn to think differently. My eyes had to learn to see differently. My body had to learn to react differently. I was not used to dealing with liars, cheaters, thiefs, drunks, and burglars. I learned that multi-tasking is a critical aspect to being a cop and coffee is drunk by the gallon, not by the cup.

I still feel privileged to be in this line of work. Most nights when I begin my shifts I recite Psalm 144:1-2 to myself as I put on my vest and belt. I still love my Mondays.




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