At the round table of coffee the topic came up about the number of deaths religion (more specifically Christianity) has been responsible for throughout history. The not-so-suttle undertone of this is that Christianity itself were responsible for these deaths. This is bad logic, but if we were to use this logic atheism would be the religion responsible for the most deaths (Joseph Stalin being responsible for 20 million alone).

In the year 2009 10,839 people were killed in automobile accidents as a result of drunk drivers. By applying this same logic we could say that cars are  horrendously responsible for thousands of people’s deaths. We should have nothing to do with them because they create a conveyor belt of corpses.

This is silly logic of course. Cars are not responsible for the deaths, but the intoxicated people who made bad decisions while driving them. Christianity is not responsible for the deaths during the crusades or at other times in history. The wicked, sinful people who subverted Christianity for their own ends are responsible.

Let us think harder.


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