A Week in Haiti (Day 4)

Today we returned to La Plane to continue construction projects. The nurses came along with us and conducted a field clinic on the other side of the village. The clinic began with with tetanus shots and de-worming   medicine. Following that the nurses would do a triage assessment on them and send any children with obvious injuries or sickenss to the doctors. At the end of the clinic was a pharmacy set up with all the drugs we had brought from Minnesota.

That afternoon I began helping the nurses by holding children receiving shots. Some of them took the needle without a flinch while others screamed bloody murder. The shots were done inside a large tent. Shortly after we began the parents started a near riot to get their kids to the front of the line. This caused the people at the front of the line to start falling into the entrance of the tent. I grabbed a couple other guys to do crowd control, pushing everyone farther away and creating two lines. It was tough for me to yell at people who were hurting and wanted help, but without some organization the situation would have spun out of control. I stayed there for 4 hours to help keep the peace.

We were joined by 3 more guys from an organization in California called Safe Harbor. One was a homicide detective for the Los Angeles Police Department who helped me with the crowd control.

Construction was  also continuing on the houses simultaneously. The much needed materials were being held up at the Haitian border in a shipping container though. The government had begun to return to its corrupt ways previous to the earthquake and wanted a bribe to release the materials. It was extremely frustrating and made me want to gather a righteous posse together and break some skulls over the issue. These evil, corrupt politicians who control the country run it into the ground for their own selfish gain.

The frustration was replaced by sweet fellowship that evening back at the rented house. We talked about God over rice and beans and the conversation was on how to effectively reach the poor for Christ.


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